Saturday, June 30, 2007

No news yet

First off I just want to say a big Thank You to everyone for there prayers and wonderful comments. There's a lot of love and support on SCS.
We still don't know any more than we did last night. The doctors are running tests and doing some stuff with my dad BP meds to see if they can get some results with that. I'll keep you updated as often as I can.

On the lighter side. I finally got music to my site. Whoo hoo!!!! I hope you like country and old time rock cause that's what I like. Oh, and Chris Daughtry, he's not old time rock, he just rocks!
There is one song I put on just for fun. See if you can guess which one!

I am going to do some scrapbook pages tomorrow. I will post them as soon as they are completed. Hope everyone had a great day. Signing off for now. TTFN

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