Thursday, August 19, 2010

First day of school survival kit for teachers

It's that time of year again! When parents and kids are getting geared for the kids to head back to school. I know I'm ready to get back in the swing of things.

We did our "dry runs" yesterday with the busses just to make sure we knew exactly where to pick up our little darlings and to work out any kinks there might be during that process. I'm only with the children for a the short ride from home to school and back again, but it's very tiring work. We are up really early every morning. I get to go home between routes and relax, but the teachers are with the students all day long.

That set my mind to thinking. What would be a good first day back to school gift that I could give to my kids' teachers that's inexpensive?! That's when I thought of this. It's super simple, low cost and I think it conveys the message that I appreciate what they do.

There's a cup of delicious Starbucks coffee and a bag of yummy breakfast sugar cookies. A nice little adrenaline rush for the mid morning fade.

To make the drink carrier, I used two 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of kraft. Scoring in on both of the long sides at 2 3/4 inches. Then turning it and scoring at 2 3/4 and at 5 1/2. I then added a 1 inch glue tab on both sides of those scored lines. See picture below.

Once I had all my lines scored and made all my cuts I glued it together at the glue tabs. After assembling both , I then glued them back to back to form a drink carrier. I punched the handle using a rounded tag punch, punching from one side and then the other, being sure to line up my already cut edges with the punch. I then set about adding my embellishments to decorate it.

I wanted the band around it to look like a chalk board so I added a two inch band of black card stock and attached a yellow corrugated scalloped border along the top and bottom. The writing on it was done with a white out pen. I added some apples along the top border to give it a little more punch of color.

I also made a cute little card to go along with it and added a sentiment to the heat protective sleeve.

All images and sentiments used in this project are from The Cutting Cafe's All About School digi stamp set. It's an awesome new set featuring 38 images!

Total cost of this project including coffee and cookies is about $ 6.00! Not too bad!

It's been fun sharing this project with you! I hope you like it and give it a try for yourself!

Have a great day! TTFN

Hugs, Becky


bonnie said...

Oh this is fabulous Becky...I love it, what a cute project...hugs, Bonnie xx

Regina Easter said...

WOWZER.........................what a fun set Becky....good I take it your a bus driver...lucky you to get to take a break for the kiddos....have a great day back..hugs

Jessie/knightrone said...

Super cute, love it!!

Kelly said...

A lot of thought and work went into this...what a great back to school project for the teacher!

Kristin K said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful project! It's perfect for so many occaisons too.


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