Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This is a long one

Stamping friends are the best people I know (besides my family, that is). They not only give you a boost by leaving wonderful comments but they also send you stuff. I have fallen way behind in posting pics of the cards and goodies I have recieved and just wanted to take the time today to catch up.

First off, I want to recognize my fabulous secret sister from SBS2. I have had the most fun trying to figure out who she was. The veil of mystery was finally lifted about two weeks ago (I told you I was grossly behind) and I am proud to present, the one, the only, *jenn with a star at the beginning of her name (yes, jenn, I read your blog and love that little detail about you). I know she reads mine because in her reveal package she sent me some of the yummy ribbon I oohed and ahhhed about on one of the cards she sent along with some wooden roosters (I LOVE roosters). *jenn, you are the best big sis a little sis can have. Thanks!

Next, I have some RAKs sent to me and my mom that I would like to recognize.
This first one is from the fabulous Stacy aka twinshappy in SCS. Isn't it purty? She sent this to my mom. She has been sending my mom cards with words of encouragement and has done so on a continual basis for quite some time. My mom loves them and we both appreciate her kindness. She has the best heart! You are truly an angel, Stacy:)
This card is from our fearless leader on SBS2, Tracy aka stampin-sunnychick on SCS. She sent me this adorable card for helping her to pull off a little trick on her secret sis. It had something to do with the addresses. It was so much fun to be part of that I really didn't need a card, but BONUS! I love this card cause it sparkles and you all know how much I love sparkle. Thanks Tracy!

This beauty came last week from Sue aka coffeestamper on SCS. During the holidays I chose to elf her because 1) she left such nice comments on my gallery and 2) she hadn't been elfed yet. I have to give her props. I elfed her anonymously and she went through the painstaking process of finding me. I don't know how she did it. There are so many SCS members from Texas that she must have spent hours going through galleries to find me. Good detective work, Sue. This is the Thank You card she sent me. So pretty! Don't you just love the stripes on that flower? I sure do. Thanks, Sue! I had so much fun playing elf to you!

I sure hope that I haven't left anyone out in this post. It's been a hectic month and my memory has been taxed to it's limits (okay, so maybe it's not just my hectic life, and maybe my age) but if I missed you, just let me know. Y'all are the best!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Deborah said...

What a wonderful post! Gorgeous cards! I adore the reverse CB folder challenge card!The RAK's are so nice and thoughtful! Welcome back! Deb

Mel M. M. M. said...

Stunning! Love the artsy simplicity with the flower against the black. :0) Mel


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