Sunday, October 28, 2007

He's here, he's here.....

This is my new nephew Bransyn, isn't he a sweetie? He came into the world on Tuesday the twenty third. He was four weeks early so that is why he has all the wires and tubes. He is in the NICU for now but they only expect him to be there for about a week. So far he is doing good. His lungs weren't developed and they had to put him on Oxygen and a feeding tube, but I talked to my brother today and they have pulled both the Oxygen and the feeding tube and so far so good. He's such a blessing to us all!


Dawn Easton said...

Oh how precious! Hope he continues to do well!

Mary Leeson said...

What a beautiful baby! I'll be believing along with you all for a healthy and happy baby. Bless~


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