Friday, August 31, 2007

Here I am!

Hey all! Here I am finally! I sure missed all my stampin buddies and posting. This has been some kind of week!!!!
The kids started back to school Monday and this year is marked with firsts and lasts. This is Hunters last year at Elementary school, Bree's first year in High School and Karissa's last year of High School (Waaahhhhhh! I am certainly not ready for this). There was a lot of excitement as they all got up and got ready to head off to their first day but mom stopped them all to take a picture. Here they are with their shiny faces!

As soon as the kids left for school, I was off to the repair shop to get Karissa's car fixed. She had a little accident about a week before when some guy turned in front of her. Her car is out of commission for about two weeks and I have reclaimed the title of taxi driver again. Not really a position I wanted to resume. I gladly relinquished that title over a year ago. I do however have a nice rental to drive so I guess I shouldn't complain.

For the most part the week was cruising along uneventful except for the fact that my mom was in some serious lower back pain. It was all I could do to get her up and moving once a day. All she wanted to do was lay in bed, which is very bad for her with the treatment that she is doing. So guess what happened? Wednesday she was feeling dizzy and I couldn't get a reading on her blood pressure. After placing a call to her doctor it was off to the emergency room again for the third time in just over two weeks. As it turned out, all that laying around in bed had created a nasty blood clot in her leg. She is in the hospital again and they are giving her blood thinners. It looks as if she will be there for a couple more days. So now you know why I haven't been around to post. I have been getting the kids off to school, going to the hospital, picking the kids up, making dinner and then heading back to the hospital, coming home and going to bed. The only sibling I have here lives with me so we are the only company that she gets and I just hate the thought of her sitting up there all alone.
I did get the chance to make a card combining the color challenge and the technique lovers challenge. Here it is. I just got the Purely Pomegranate paper and stamp pad. I love, love, love this color so I had to use it for this one.
Have a great day!

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