Thursday, July 19, 2007

A laugh and get well for a dear friend

I was talking to my bff, Denice(who loves a good laugh) a week or so ago and she told me that her dh was having knee replacement surgery. I wanted to make him a Get Well card, but I wanted it to be funny. Last night, in my sleep, it came to me. I had to make a card with a guy in a hospital gown, on crutches. You know, the the gown.......going down the hall with half of his butt hangin out! Well, I don't have a stamp for that, so I sat down today and sketched this. Now I'm no artist, but I think it turned out okay. I laugh every time I think of what their expressions will be when they open this. I know I'll be getting a phone call, for sure. The outside of the card says, Get Well Soon, the inside says, because the nurses are getting tired of the view. Hope your on the mend! How funny is that?


Corie said...

This turned out more than OK -- it is fantastic. You are certainly an ARTIST.

Ticia said...

HAHAHA that IS funny. Great artwork too!


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