Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Holy cow! Can my life be get any more complicated? My mom and dad and brother live with me and my family. When my mom had her stroke last year, it became apparent that with three busy children, I would be unable to care for her needs and keep up with her appointments, so my brother agreed to do it, and moved in with us. Well today he went out for a bike ride and came home needing to go to the emergency room. He had taken a nasty fall and hurt his wrist. It turns out that he broke it in two places and basically crushed the end of one of the bones. He is going to require surgery. Good thing the kids are out of school at the moment, but it's gonna get crazy around here.


Mo Moss said...

GOD bless you. You are a saint to be able to do all that for your family. I hope you get some help soon.

Corie said...

GOODNESS -- hope everything gets better!!


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